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About Us

Alliance Animal Care LLC is a wholesale animal health distribution company focused exclusively on procuring products from manufacturers and suppliers and delivering them to wholesale and retail locations through a just-in-time logistics network. As a wholesale company, Alliance does not sell directly to consumers.

Alliance is a joint venture between Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC), a regional farm supply cooperative headquartered in LaVergne, Tenn., and MFA Incorporated, a regional farm supply and marketing cooperative based in Columbia, Mo. Each cooperative owns a 50-percent stake in Alliance Animal Care, a Tennessee limited liability company.

Alliance's business operations are based in LaVergne, Tenn., where a staff of six, all of whom have strong animal agriculture backgrounds, handle procurement and customer service responsibilities. Dr. Kevin Cox, a veterinarian who previously served as manager of TFC's Animal Health Department, is chief operating officer of Alliance.

Alliance is committed to delivering products tailored to programs that cooperatives and other dealers have developed for their customers and members. With parent companies that have a strong history and reputation in the farm supply business, Alliance understands the importance of animal health products, including prompt delivery to fit the schedule of livestock producers.

Alliance board of directors, stakeholders and staff.

Alliance has partnered with Bluegrass Supply Chain Services, an independent logistics company, to manage product shipment from Bowling Green, Ky., and other points. Bluegrass offers warehouse facilities, order processing technology and expertise in shipping logistics, including a proven track record with delivering refrigerated products.

Since Alliance is core in animal health, the company is focused in the market in terms of when to buy and in making recommendations to customers. Alliance also offers buying power substantial enough to demand attention in the marketplace from the largest and most reputable companies. Customers can be confident that Alliance will have product available when their needs occur.

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