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Product Selection

Alliance carries a full lineup of over-the-counter animal health products for livestock and pets. Alliance has direct supply agreements from the largest and most reputable companies as well as boutique suppliers to round out our full offering of products. Alliance is dedicated to having product in inventory with terms that are competitive with other suppliers, and our procurement team works hard to find sources for special orders as needed.

Orders and Delivery

Customers can call, email, fax or submit orders electronically. Once received, we transmit the orders to our distribution center, where products are pulled, processed, and shipped. We contract with Bluegrass Supply Chain Services, an independent logistics company, to manage product shipment from Bowling Green, Ky., and other strategic points. Bluegrass offers warehouse facilities, order processing technology, and expertise in shipping logistics, including a proven track record with delivering refrigerated products. Orders are delivered by reputable carriers that offer the ability to track shipments.


All of the Alliance personnel have strong livestock backgrounds and product knowledge with the ability to assist your staff with product decisions. With the added benefit of a veterinarian on staff, Alliance is an invaluable resource on animal health questions. Alliance is committed to track vendor programs and ensure that customers are able to maximize the benefits from each company.


Alliance has teamed up with EFC Systems for all of their information technology needs. Alliance offers customers the benefits of purchase history, customer preferences and accurate accounting with the peace of mind that information will be stored securely and accurately.

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