ACTIVYL Spot On-Cats & Kiittens 2lb - 9lb(3-dose)

ACTIVYL Spot On-Cats & Kiittens 2lb – 9lb(3-dose)

Activyl is a monthly spot-on flea control for cats & kittens

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Activyl Spot-On for Cats and Kittens is an excellent, once-a-month topical flea treatment for cats and kittens. It contains indoxacarb as its active ingredient which works by bioactivation wherein the enzymes inside the flea stimulate the active ingredient and release its full killing power. This product effectively disrupts the fleas’ life cycle and prevents new fleas from reaching adulthood – getting rid of existing fleas and preventing flea infestation. Its fast-acting formula starts killing within 8 hours of application and with continuous use, will provide long-lasting protection for?your pets. It features a quick-drying, waterproof formula so the effectiveness will not be affected even after bathing and shampooing. It has no fragrance added and will also remain effective after exposure to sunlight. Available in 3 packs of see-through applicator.

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