Starbar PROLATE/LINTOX -HD - Gallon

Starbar PROLATE/LINTOX -HD – Gallon


Insecticide, 1 Gallon Container, Bottle Container, Cattle – 1 Quart/25 – 60 Gallons Water, Swine – 1 Quart/25 Gallons Water, Backrubber – 1 Gallon/50 Gallons Fuel Oil or Other Suitable Carrier, Do Not Treat Sick, Convalescent or Stressed Animals Less than 3 Months Old, Do Not Treat Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle within 28 Days of Freshening, Do Not Apply Directly to Suckling Pigs, Slaughter Withdrawal, Swine – 1 Day, Cattle – 3 Days Dosage, For Beef and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle

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