Synergized Delice gallon

Synergized Delice gallon


Insecticide, 1 Gallon Container, Can Container, Piperonyl Butoxide, Distillates, Petroleum, Solvent-Refined Light Paraffinic, Distillates, Petroleum, Solvent-Refined Heavy Paraffinic, Permethrin Technical Composition, Pour 0.5 Ounce/100 Pounds Body Down the Center of Animal’s Back and Face Dosage, Liquid Form, Clear, Amber Color, Odorless Fragrance, > 200 Degrees F Flash Point, 0.840 – 0.890 @ 20 Degrees C Specific Gravity, < 2 mmHg @ 20 Degrees C Vapour Pressure, For Premises-In and Around Horses, Beef, Dairy, Swines, Sheep and Poultry Premises, Animal Hospital Pens and Kennels and Outside Meat Processing Premises to Control Horse Flies, Stable Flies, House Flies, Mosquitoes and Black Flies

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