UltraBoss quart

UltraBoss quart


Insecticide, 1 Quart Container, Bottle Container, Permethrin Technical, Piperonyl Butoxide, Distillates, Petroleum, Solvent-Refined Light Paraffinic, Distillates, Petroleum, Solvent-Refined Heavy Paraffinic Composition, Apply 3 mL/100 Pounds Body, Up to the 30 mL Maximum Application Limit Dosage, Liquid Form, Clear, Amber Color, Odorless Fragrance, 310 Degrees F Flash Point, 0.885 @ 25 Degrees C Specific Gravity, < 2 mmHg @ 25 Degrees C Vapour Pressure, For Lactating and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattles, Beef Cattle and Calves on Lice, Horn Flies, Face Flies, Horse Flies, Stable Flies, Mosquitoes, Black Flies and Ticks and Sheep Keds

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