Vitamin AD 3 Injectable 100mL vial

Vitamin AD 3 Injectable 100mL vial


Vitamin Supplement, AD 3, Injectable, 100 mL Container, Vial Container, Liquid Form, Benzyl Alcohol, Ethox CO-30, Neobee M-20, N-methyl-d-pyrrolidone, Polysorbate, Vitamin A Propionate 2.5M IU/g, Vitamin D3 40 M IU/g, Vitamin E (1,100 IU/g), Ethox CO-30 Composition, 0.5 – 1 mL for Calves, 1 – 2 mL for Yearling Cattle, 2 – 4 mL for Adult Cattle Dosage, Yellow-Orange Color, Miscible with Water, For Beef and Dairy Cattles

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